Is your workspace causing you aches and pains? 
The Virtual Workspace Assessment is exclusively designed and performed by Dr. Nathalie! 

Through an in-depth questionnaire, photographs of your workspace and prior knowledge of how your body works. Dr. Nathalie is able to compile a list of economical recommendations that are sure to help you feel better while sitting on the job. You will also get your personalized exercise recommendations.

Have you heard the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking?"
Numerous sources show the correlation between spending hours sitting at a desk and risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It’s a scary thought, considering so many of us are bound to desks and chairs that aren’t tailored to us for hours upon hours while we work, when our bodies were never meant to do so. From brain fog, lack of focus, drop in metabolism, poorer circulation and breathing, muscle imbalances and degenerating posture, the effects of sitting and poor ergonomics have truly become the “silent killers” of today. 

Consider the following: 

  • The average person today spends 55% of waking time in sedentary behaviours. The average amount of seated time is 7.7 hours per day. 
  • Women who are seated for more than 7 hours per day are 47% more likely to suffer from symptoms of depression.
  • Mental health and sleep-related symptoms are significantly higher in people that spend 5 hours or more in front of a computer screen.
  • ​ The effects of prolonged sitting are so dramatic to the body that the effects of long-term sitting are not reversible, even through exercise!

How the virtual assessment works:

Step One: 
Fill out an ergonomic questionnaire

Step Two: 
Submit pictures of your current workspace 

Step Three: 
Schedule a zoom call with Dr. Nathalie to evaluate things further 

Step Four:
Get your custom-tailored ergonomic report and your personalized exercises

Your custom postural ergonomic solution will focus on five key components: 

  • That you have better function;
  • That you experience less pain and discomfort;
  • ​That you have good posture;
  • ​That you have improved neuro-cognitive output;
  • And that you have an environment to work in that promotes productivity and efficiency. 

What makes our ergonomic program different from others?

While most ergonomic assessments focus solely on the workstation itself — not to mention can take months to complete and cost thousands — our solution looks at the individual’s mobility and goals as well, and evaluations/reports are conducted promptly and efficiently. 

And let's not forget that as your chiropractor, Dr. Nathalie knows your body.  Her goal is to provide you with simple and cost-efficient ways to improve your workspace quickly so you can live pain-free!


As humans, we are primed to move. Yet urbanization, technology and workplace norms have resulted in our physical stagnation. We have become sedentary, physically inactive creatures, and this comes at a cost. Moreover, the lack of proper ergonomics at our workstations worsen the effects of this sedentary lifestyle, as many of us are creating more irreversible bodily damage.
This is where functional ergonomics comes into play.
One of the primary goals of ergonomics is to optimize how people work. This is accomplished by designing a workplace that not only makes tasks safer to perform, but also easier and more efficient. 

Workstations that are custom-designed with ergonomics in mind foster an environment that harnesses focus, mitigates bodily stress and strain, and ultimately enhance productivity and work quality. Acquiring a professional ergonomic assessment and report can help us correct imbalances and customize a workstation that is conducive to creating our best work. 
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